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Having a fresh carpet in the home, office, or car shows that you care, improves the aesthetic, and makes a statement…it smells great too.


Clean and sanitize your home so you and your family are comfortable.


A clean work environment is known to increase productivity.


You should enjoy clean and comfortable furniture.  


It’s smart to clean and disinfect to prevent the spread of viruses.

Love That Carpet!

There is nothing like enjoying a luxurious, comfy carpet. If your floor is beginning to appear unclean, it certainly won’t feel as luxurious as it used to. Put new life back into your carpet by scheduling a carpet cleaning with the Carpet Clinic.

Using non-toxic, hospital-grade cleaning supplies, Carpet Clinic can remove dirt, and other unwanted things, which are deeply embedded in the fibers of a carpet. The techniques which are used will help to get rid of everyday dirt and grime which builds up on a carpet over time, as well as being able to treat food and drink spots, pet smells, and unsightly stains caused by flooding.

Industrial-strength tools for carpet cleaning means that Carpet Clinic can do a meticulous job on your residential or commercial carpet anywhere in St. Louis or St. Charles counties. Our truck-mounted, high-horsepower machines are extremely effective and carpet cleaning doesn’t get any better than that.

Since 1986, Carpet Clinic has been cleaning homes to make them more livable, and businesses to help improve their workplace. With medical scares coming and going, it’s best to be prepared and have the surface that touches everybody as clean as possible.

A clean home is a happy home, because you and your family are then less likely to inhale dirt, germs, allergens, and smells that make for an unfavorable living environment. A fresh carpet in the office shows that you care, improves the aesthetic, and a clean automobile’s carpet really makes a statement…and smells great too.

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High-Quality Carpet Cleaning for Homes, Businesses, and Automobiles

If you’re a business owner, a clean carpet goes a long way in making a positive first impression on your customers. We do both residential, commercial carpet cleaning, and automobile carpet cleaning.

You can rely on the Carpet Clinic for spotless carpets from houses to office buildings. We provide fast, efficient service that keeps your home, work, and commuting environment healthy and hygienic.


Extend the life of your carpet


Make it safe for your family


Remove stubborn pet odors